Advance Master Courses
Silk Afro blowdry, styling and precision cutting
Price: £375
1 Day

– Professional Tools, Products and Equipment
– Theory and background knowledge of hair
– Client consultation
– Contraindications
– Preparation of the client
– Application of the product
– Mastering the techniques on a mannequin head
– Practicing and honing your skills on a MODEL
– After Support and advice
– Fully Accredited Certificated
– Insurance Approved
– Marketing Tips & Advice
– Trade supplier details
– Insurer Details
– The Course begins with fully understanding the service and client consultation and technical process
– You will be taught about what health and safety, hygiene protocols and contraindications to be aware of
– You shall then learn about the various products, tools, and equipment
– Your tutors and technicians will go through a demo of service t so you can understand how the technique should be performed
– You will be trained on the mannequin heads all the various techniques step by step, ensuring that you are picking things up as you go along to master the service
– You will each have dedicated time to practice your skills on a Live Model

– This is the only way to perfect and hone your skills so that you are fully confident and ready to take clients

Course Accreditation: FULLY CERTIFIED

This course is suitable for ALL, Hairdressing knowledge

SOME experience is required to attend this specialist natural afro hair blowdrying training course and become qualified. The course is a complete course including kit so you can get working on clients as soon as you finish the training. You will be taught everything you need to know right from scratch so that you leave the course fully confident on blow drying, styling and cutting natural afro-textured hair.

What is included in your package?

– Complete Advanced Training Including MODEL TRAINING

Your course will be divided into four main segments:





The training will also cover how to market the service, details on the pricing of the treatments, where to source and buy the best products from, trade account details for gold suppliers, insurer details so you can be fully insured.

*****Please Note all our class are set as group classes of 2-8 people max*****

If you require 121 training or with your team, a date on-site or an off-site location can be arranged at an additional fee.
Your confirmation booking, and instructions for class will be emailed to you upon received payment.

House of Tinu Training Academy, Manchester