COMBINED Closure Weaves
2 day class
VENDOR: HOUSE OF Tinu training academy
Combined Class £1100pp



On this course you will be learning the most superior techniques for producing a seamless enclosed weave including:

*How to properly place track to create and achieve this particular stye
*How to place a track close to the front hairline so track do not show; and how to close up the top of the weave without the use of a closure piece
*You will learn how to add extensions to create fringe style
*How to use other method to create a flat base to ensure no damage or breakage to client hair
*You will learn the trick of the trade to maximise your time and speed to effectively create that profit

Your kit for this course will include:

*One mannequin (although you may choose to use a live model)
*Different types of needles
*Braiding hair
*Styling product
*Advanced Class (For advance business owners i.e. Salon Owners/ Highly Established Stylist Only) HANDS ONE WATCH AND LEARN

This method can be used for clients who have suffered from breakage on their hairline, or for clients with fine natural hair. This technique is not damaging to the hair and your clients will be able to rock this style for up to 8 weeks. With maintenance.

*****Please Note all our class are set as group classes of 2-8 people max*****

If you require 121 training or with your team, a date on-site or an off-site location can be arranged at an additional fee.

Your confirmation booking, and instructions for class will be emailed to you upon received payment.

House of Tinu Training Academy, Manchester.