Hair extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are a great way of adding colour through your natural hair. Whether blonde or brunette, choosing a shade or two lighter or darker can add a new dimension to your look, even if you decide to keep the extensions at the same length as your cut. It’s perfect for adding texture without resorting to chopping your own hair.
If you’re not a fan of stripping hair to get a totally new colour, hair application techniques are an easy way of adding whatever colour you fancy, without the  harsh chemicals on our natural. Check out exclusive range of  hair extensions wefts /bundles  supplied in salon for all  fitting.


As a leading specialist salon in weave extension applications, we’re passionate about collecting only the finest quality hair extensions from around the world to match our client’s own hair texture. But with D’Lusso collection it doesn’t end there – we’re also passionate about maintaining healthy hair days! Our superior hair quality and expert techniques combined with an excellent aftercare programme will help keep your own hair in pristine condition during and after the period your hair extensions are fitted. Once your hair extensions are professionally removed we also offer a bespoke weave, hair and scalp shampoo/conditioning treatment with our unique hair extension professional nourishing products to revitalise your natural hair before another installation.

An Important point to remember before investing in hair extensions services; it is paramount that you look after your hairpieces. This requires full commitment from you. Remember that hair weaves extensions are a cosmetic procedure and so, as with any cosmetic procedure, there is some element of risk however minimal which can cause damage to your own hair and scalp whichever technique of hair application you choose. In our own professional opinion, we are confident that D’Lusso Collection hair extension range quality hair and our expert application and aftercare programme will help minimise any risk of damage to your own hair and scalp provided that you adhere to the maintenance and aftercare guidelines and that you return to the salon to have your extensions professionally removed and treated within the specified period.

Our creed is: Great looking hair exudes self-confidence

Micro bonds

Our salon work with the most advanced and improved REUSABLE Micro link Hair Extensions System available on the market. It is great for all Caucasian, Asian and Afro hair types. There is no glue, heating, bonding, weaving or chemicals involved in the application of this hair extensions system.

Using 100% Premium Quality Human Hair, the specifically formulated pre-bonded Tip does not deteriorate with water, heat or chemicals. You can add length, body, fullness, texture, colour and highlights – creating a complete new look! This means that clients do not need to re-purchase the hair extensions every 12 weeks making a highly cost-effective way to maintain beautiful and glamorous looking hair – always!

The process takes approximately 3 hours for a full head application including blending. The reusable hair extensions are simply attached to the client’s hair via the adjustable micro rings meaning that there are absolutely no chemicals involved in the application or removal of the hair extensions. You can straighten, blow dry or even curl your hair extensions without worrying about affecting the pre-bonded Tip or the hair extensions.

The pre-bonded Tip ensures that the thickness of the hair extensions will remain the same for their entire life. A lifespan of up to 18 month be expected from your hair extensions provided they are maintained correctly which should be carried out at the salon every 12weeks.


We uniquely customise your D’Lusso Hair Collection clip-ins to install and add volume, giving you that goddess mane you dream of.

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wefts weaves

Available in various textures and application method

A great set of weaves extensions begins by having a thorough and in-depth consultation with you. We provide various weave application methods uniquely applied to suit our client’s features. From a minimal leave out weave, closure weaves, fontal weaves to braidless sewn-in wefts and our customised clip-in sets.

In order to get the very best out of your weave extensions application throughout the recommended 5-8 weeks period, your own natural hair and scalp needs to be in great condition. As part of our weave extensions service, we offer all our clients a complimentary hair consultation service to access the condition of your hair and scalp and offer prescribed in‑salon and at-home hair/scalp treatments if your hair is not up to scratch!

As an aspirational and independent expert in the hair extensions industry Tinu’s unique weave application techniques are unbiasedly flawless. She personally teaches her team of hair weave stylist’s unique techniques and advanced craftsmanship to provide the most natural looking results with hair weave extensions.

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