This course is designed to get you on your way to being a confident braider.

– Sectioning of hair
– Understanding the Hair structure
– Braiding
– Cornrow
– How to plait and braid hair
– Braiding and plaiting patterns
– Step by step techniques of braiding/ plaiting
– Providing after car service Cornrows with and without extensions.

This course is also good for parents of children with curly hair types who have no experience with it, or home health care providers and volunteers who take care of people with African background.

You might make some extra cash doing the hair of your family and friends, and if you are already a hairdresser, this will mean even more profits. Although it focuses on Afro-Caribbean hair, it also covers creating cornrows for all hair textures of all ethnicity. Unlike other schools, here you’ll be learning in an easy to read environment and from instructors with over 10 years of experience working with a variety of hair types.

Duration: 1 day

Full braiding skill   £400

Basic braiding £150