D’Lusso Hair Collection

So except you’re fortunate enough to have a  full of volume of hair, most people can tend to find their hair is quite thin, especially as we age and our follicles become weaker. The pressures and strains of life, as well as medical conditions, can leave hair looking limp and just a bit tired. Hair extensions are a great way to pump up the volume and give your locks a new lease of life. At House Of Tinu , we are passionate  about  high hair weave  extension  that we have taking our time to  source the very best hair from around the world – Exclusive Asia, Russia, Mongolia and South America in order to provide our clients with top of the range hair quality and the perfect match with their own hair texture along with a choice of application methods to suit their lifestyle. Hair Extensions are a great way of adding colour through your natural hair. Whether blonde or brunette, choosing a shade or two lighter or darker can add a new dimension to your look, even if you decide to keep the extensions at the same length as your cut. It’s perfect for adding texture without resorting to chopping your own hair.
If you’re not a fan of stripping hair to get a totally new colour, our Hollywood briadless techniques are an easy way of adding a streak of purple, blue, green, or any other colour you fancy, without harsh chemicals or colour. Check out  exclusive range of  hair extensions wefts /bundles  supplied in salon for all  weave  fitting.


D’Lusso Cynosure

Our Dlusso Cynosure Range is available in single layered 100g and double wefted 100g  per bundle in  Virgin unprocessed natural colour. While our pre coloured  warm blondes to chestnut brown is available  in 100g and 150g.  all hair grades are  hand selected from  Exclusive Asian countries with  most  beautiful texture in you can think off available in slight course, smooth straight, deep curl, tight curl, loose curl and natural wave.  its long-lasting from 12months-18months with good care perfect for those who want the natural looking shine  with a  nice smooth feel . Our natural colours are available in 10inches -30inches and our coloured hair are available from 16inches -26inches.

Prices from

Single Layer 100g


Double Wefted 100g


Coloured Double Wefted 100g-150g



D’Lusso Bonny Tress

Pre coloured  Russian/Mongolian   and Indian coloured hair available in 16 different colours from double drawn weft in 100g- 120g to  super double drawn 150g. This hair is  silky, smooth and benefits from the strength of Asian hair and flexibility of Russian hair for styling – perfect for those who have naturally straight hair. Our coloured hair are available from 18inches -20inches.

Prices From:



Southern Belle


D’Lusso Southern Belle

Our exclusive hair  sourced from the rural area in the South American region in handtied wefts _25g-40g per pieces in 16inches and 22inches only,  and Machine wefts 100g and 150g in straight and natural wavy available in unprocessed colour off brown, to pre- coloured Ash medium brown to Ash blondes. Our natural colours are available in 8inches -24inches  and our Blondes are available from 16inches -26inches.

Prices from:

Handtied  :£40-£65

Machine Wefts :£120-£216

Mane textured hair

D’Lusso Mane Textures

Our textured hair is born from The ‘Cynosure’ Range with same quality and durability however given you the flexibility of having a beautiful texture with same integrity. We slightly process the hair using ONLY STEAM method with no hash chemicals awesome curls with lustre and lot of movement. Our natural colours are available in 14inches -24inches.

Meet :

Ms-YOLANDA -Tight curls
Ms LIZIE Loose Curls
Ms JADE: kinky Texture
Ms NAOMI: Relax-Smooth texture

Price from:


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