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Terms & Conditions, Deposit Policy



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SALON LOCATION: 145 Great Ancoat Street M4 6DH (temporary closed),

Second Salon: 19 Ashfield Rd, Sale M33 7DY, Cheshire


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Dear Clients 

Your custom is very important to us, and we will always do our very best to fit you in for an appointment at a time that suits you. When you book an appointment with us, we may ask you for a booking deposit. This deposit will be used as part payment towards your service and is fully refundable, provided we receive at least 72 hours notice if you need to cancel your appointment. Your deposit payment will be:

£15 for a Blow Dry 

£25 for a Cut & Blow Dry or silk press

£45 for a Colour Service

£50 for Keratin & Hair extensions Fittings

Deposits are based on a small portion of the cost of the service, i.e., basic wages, products ordered in anticipation of the service, and loss of income if we are unable to fill the cancelled space in a short period of time.

Please note: During our busy period in the run-up to Christmas, we will be requiring deposit payments for all appointment bookings. This applies to any bookings from November 25th through December. If, for any reason, you cannot attend your appointment, your deposit is fully refundable, provided you have given us at least 48 hours notice. Thank you for your understanding in this matter


Why Do I Have To Pay A Deposit? 

When you book an appointment, we take this as a verbal contract between us, and the time slot is reserved especially for you. For this reason, please understand that when you forget or cancel your appointment without giving enough notice, your valuable appointment slot will be wasted, and we will miss the opportunity to fill that appointment time. Not only does this mean a loss of revenue for us and our teams, but it also means that clients on our waiting list miss the opportunity to receive our services.

We therefore respectfully ask that if you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact us ASAP and at least 48 hours before your appointment time to avoid losing your deposit. If we don’t receive 48 hours’ notice to cancel your appointment, then unfortunately, your deposit becomes nonrefundable or transferable

Please Read Our Full Terms And Conditions 

Your booking is subject to the following Terms and Conditions:

A deposit payment, as stated above, will be required to secure your booking. This deposit will be taken off the final bill for your service UNLESS you do not attend your appointment or do not cancel with 48 hours notice, in which case the deposit becomes non-refundable or transferable. 

Cancellations must be made at least 72 hours before the appointment. If made within 72 hours, the deposit cannot be refunded or transferred. We reserve the right to cancel an appointment if an allergy test has not been carried out and/or a deposit hasn't been paid at the time of booking. 

Under- 16s will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to the consultation and appointment. Colour services cannot be carried out on those under the age of 16. In the event of any contra-indications, any service will be terminated immediately, and deposits may be refunded.

In the event we need to reschedule or cancel your appointment due to events outside of the stylist's or salon's control, we will do our best to find the next available appointment and either hold your deposit to go towards the appointment or refund it should you wish to cancel.

Toners and cool colours last between 1-3 washes for pastel colours and longer for deeper colours, sometimes as long as 6 months. The longevity of your hair colour can be affected by overwashing, heat, sunlight, pollution, swimming, and hair products, as well as hair porosity and history. Your stylist can advise on how long the colour will last and how to maintain it. You may require a toner to be added to your service to achieve the desired result; your stylist will advise this should it be required. Your stylist will advise you about the process your hair needs to go through to achieve your desired colour. Should services take longer than initially booked or more product is needed to achieve the desired result, you may incur a long hair supplement to cover the extra costs. Your stylist will make you aware should they need to add this to your appointment.



Every appointment will require a non-refundable booking fee. This will go towards the final balance of your service(s). If you do not arrive for your appointment or cancel or reschedule within 72 hours of the start of your appointment, your deposit will be retained by the salon. If you know you are unable to attend your appointment, please let us know as early as possible so we can reschedule your appointment, transferring your booking fee where we can. (Please note that hair extension booking fees will not be refunded in the case of cancellation.)

We reserve the right to ask for payment in full before another booking is made. If this is done, this amount will be treated the same as a booking fee and will be retained in full upon late cancellation or no-show. If no booking fee is taken and you cancel within 24 hours, we reserve the right to ask for a late cancellation charge of 50% of the total appointment cost, then payment in full in advance, to book any future appointments. If you do not show up for your appointment and haven’t contacted the salon, you may be removed from the booking system. Please contact us to book a new appointment; we will require payment in full in advance of any new appointment.



Please let us know if you are going to be late for your appointment. We can usually allow for a few minutes; however, we may have clients after your appointment. So if you are more than 20 minutes late (late fee might be applicable), we may have to cancel your appointment, and the above cancellation terms will apply. PATCH TESTING For all new hair colour clients, we will need to carry out a patch/sensitivity test at least 48 hours before your appointment. Failure to come into the salon for a patch test will result in your appointment being cancelled, and the above cancellation charges will apply. This is for the safety of our clients in case a reaction occurs.



Our priority is for you to be completely satisfied with the service you receive from us. We run a professional business, so we aim to deliver the highest standards in everything we do. Complaints are rare, but we take them very seriously, so we have a complaints policy and process that we follow to make sure that things are put right where needed and we can learn from your feedback.

For any complaints to be logged, We need your full name, as mentioned on the booking in our system, date of service, type of service, and team member who provided the service via email according to the salon you booked under. (Kindly check salon websites or our main website.) Before you leave the salon, if you are not happy with the service you receive, please express your feelings to the member of staff.

If you had Keratin Treatment/other smoothing treatment such as texture release kindly tell us after your first wash (up to 7 days) once you have left the salon or as soon as possible.

If you had hair extensions fitted by any of our team members after your first wash (7-10 days) or as soon as possible but not later than 30 days, we will listen to your feedback and ask any necessary questions to understand your complaint. We will take it up with the product brands used, staff members, etc.

We aim to resolve any complaints within 8 weeks. If you have already left the salon, do not go to another salon, as we have the right to see exactly what the service or treatment you have received from us looks like. If you alter your service or treatment elsewhere or by yourself, we will not be able to rectify any problems and will be unable to offer any sort of resolution.



 After you have had your hair fitted, it is essential that you stick to your maintenance appointments. This is a very important part of wearing your extensions—to help look after your new hair and protect your natural hair from damage. To book a maintenance appointment, we recommend booking this appointment at least 3 weeks before your appointment is due to avoid any disappointments, as we get booked up in advance. To book an appointment, please call the salon.

The above terms and conditions in relation to cancellations, non-refundable booking fees, and no-shows apply.



Prior to your extension appointment or maintenance, it is very important that your hair be washed with a clarifying shampoo on the MORNING you’re having your extensions fitted. If your hair has not been washed correctly as advised and your hair is not oil-free, we may not be able to fit your extensions, and a new appointment will have to be made, resulting in the loss of deposit. This is very important, as extensions will not adhere correctly to oily hair and may slip out after fitting, which we cannot be held responsible for. If we have time, we will wash and blow dry, which will be a chargeable fee.



You are required to return to the salon to have your extensions removed by us to ensure your natural hair stays in good condition; no responsibility will be accepted for any damages if extensions are removed by yourself, another salon, or a third party. We also require you to have your extensions taken out in the correct time-frame given for the method you have fitted. No responsibility will be accepted for any damage caused beyond the recommended removal period. 



We recommend using our products, which are specially designed for hair extensions. Our products are all sulphate and paraben-free and work very well to keep your extensions in tip-top condition. Failure to use these products could result in your hair extensions drying out or problems arising with slippage, bonds crumbling, or deteriorating your extensions. We will not be responsible for any of the above, and no refunds will be given if the hair is faulty, as we are not covered by our supplier.



The colouring of your hair extensions is at your own risk. No responsibility is accepted for the deterioration of your extensions, hair, or bonds if you colour them. We do have a specialist in our salons if you wish to have them coloured, but all colouring is done at your own risk.


If you have altered your natural hair colour after your colour match has been carried out and hair has been ordered, you will be liable for additional costs incurred, such as exchanging hair or if hair cannot be returned due to returning policies paying the full amount for hair. With some ranges, the hair is ordered specifically for your colour match and is non-refundable. You will then need to order new hair to match your new colour and will not be given a refund or exchange on the original batch.



If you have your extensions cut, topped up, removed, or refitted by anyone other than our salon, no responsibility will be accepted for problems arising. 



Very rarely, despite a completely faultless application, should you experience an allergic reaction to the extensions, your head become very sensitive or painful, or you feel you are simply not coping with your extensions, you will be required to come into the salon urgently so we can check and advise what to do next. If this is removed, extensions will be removed free of charge. These types of reactions happen extremely quickly—not a few months after problem-free extension wear.



If, for whatever reason, you feel there is a problem with the quality of your extensions, which can happen on rare occasions as hair is an organic product (you will notice this within three weeks), you need to make us aware of the problem urgently.

We will need you to come into the salon so we can check your hair. All hair will be removed and sent back to the supplier for further testing, provided all of the aftercare advice and products have been used. Should a fault be found with the hair, we will refit and replace (within 3 months) your hair free of charge. 



We cannot be held responsible for any damage or deterioration to your extensions while you’re on holiday. We do advise you to go on holiday with an old set of extensions to prevent your new hair from drying out in hot climates. Very rarely, with blonde extensions, the hair can turn an orange colour. This is caused by some hotels having very hard water, which has a high oxide content and results in the blonde hair changing colour.

Please understand the risks before deciding on your new set if you’re going on vacation.


Should a problem arise, you must come into the salon within 48 hours of the issue arising to allow us to have a look in person and rectify any issues. It is extremely important that all clients are satisfied and happy, and we will do our utmost to resolve any problems. No refund will be given if a visit has not been arranged within 48 hours so we can look at your hair, or if the problem has arisen due to another salon or third party.


Contact Details

Please let us know if you change your mobile number or email address so we always have your current contact details on file and can get in touch with you when necessary. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with the above. We look forward to seeing you soon. The HOUSE OF TINU Team.



  • You are required to drop off or send your hair a minimum of 5 days to your appointment (please consider this when booking an appointment).
  • All wigs are made off your head, with your precise measurement (all measurement information will be in the confirmation email).


If you have any special needs that required us to make adjustments for you, please get in touch via email or telephone. Our salon has a no Stairs access, therefore suitable for wheelchair users. Except our both salon toilet access are only by stairs. 



  • The lace on Frontals are available in different colours, please ensure the lace you have purchased is not too dark for your skin tone, as lace can only be darkened not lightened.
  • We do not work with stained lace from dye applications, thick knots and thick lace)
  • please see colour chart below for lace colour reference. 


  • Thin lace/slight stretch
  • Low density 120-130%
  • Single knotted
  • Swiss lace/Illusion lace/HD LACE


Please be aware that not all lace frontals are suitable for a Glueless install, please use the recommended spec for the best result. If we find your lace to not meet the specification, you will be refused a glueless install, and Glue will be used instead.


To achieve a natural mini frontal look, you will need to purchase a 5x5/6x6/7x7 lace closure, and select the mini frontal option available.