Why Dlusso?


Experienced Team

A company established by an hair extensionist, professional hair stylist and salon owner with over 15 years industry experience in the hair and beauty industry, ensuring perfection with its unique process that guarantees the highest quality hair weave and extensions in the market.

Lifestyle and Fashion

Dlusso Collection Extension Company is the destination for hair needs to suit any woman’s lifestyle and fashion sense. Offering collections from professional, daily to occasional wear hair extensions for any season, transforming looks in minutes with the best natural looking Hair you will ever have.

Multiple Quality Options

We are proud to offer different type of hair texture, from Ethnic Textured hair to Silky smooth Straight. Vast selection of various colour in warm blond and ash blondes popular finished styles, from Wigs, Weft, Tape-In, and Tip Hair Extensions. Dlusso collection Hair Extension Company offers the best quality hair extensions made from 100% Pure Cuticle and Remy Virgin hair.


Dlusso collection Hair Extension Company offers Convenient selection of payment, finance and shipment methods. We ship worldwide and offer SAME DAY SHIPPING on orders confirmed by 3 pm. We also have an option for local pick-up in (Manchester UK) and Nigeria.


  • Dlusso® is the Purest Hair you’ll find

    It is 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair.

  • Great Customer Service with Knowledgeable staff- verifiable online!

    We know hair, founded by well-experienced hair extension stylist with over 20 years experience.

  • Dlusso ® Hair is Ponytail hair

    It is 100% Full Cuticle Human Hair directly from a verifiable donor.

  • Unidirectional Cuticle

    Each strand is kept in the same direction. This ensures that all cuticles are intact, and hair is not tangled or matted.

  • Reusable for an entire year

    Dlusso Collection brand is proven to be reused for up to one full year. We have customers who reported using their hair for up to two years.

  • Easy to Chemically Treat

    Dlusso Collection hair textures react with chemicals just as human hair. They can be effectively colored as desired.

  • Assorted Textures From the “Straightest” to the “Kinkiest”

    Just as the diversity found throughout the world, Dlusso Collection hair textures range from the sleek straight textures to seamlessly blend with varied Kinky Curly textures.

  • Dlusso Collection ® Hair is acquired from 1 Donor per Bundle

    1 Donor ensures the hair retains its natural texture, color, and sheen per bundle